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Gressoney La Trinitè – circular walks

By: Visit Monterosa

Gressoney La Trinitè – circular walks

In Gressoney La Trinité we have several opportunities for trails, there are many circular loop paths that will make you discover the most beautiful corners where you will find  breathtaking views.

There are nine walks that we propose, here are the paths that you can take:


    1. Staffal – Colle Bettolina – StaffalAfter Hotel Monboso, take the path n°1 to the beautiful and panoramic Ros Gaveno, a suitable plain for families with children. Continuing on the left, always following the signpost n°1, you will arrive at Alpe Bettolina and from here to Colle Bettolina 2905m. Then, following path 9, heading south you will reach Colle Bettaforca, the boarder between the Lys valley and the Ayas valley.You start here the descent following the ski slope to the Sant’Anna Chapel and from here take the farm road n°8 that leads to Staffal. Trip time: 6 hours
    2. Staffal – Colle Salza – Gabiet – StaffalStarting from the bridge of Staffal, on the left bank, take path 7 which leads to the sources of the Lys. After 10 minutes you arrive at the Cortlys alp, where you can watch the grazing herds. Continuing in the woods you arrive at the crossroads that leads to Colle Salza following the path n.7c. The valley is wide and long, the last 10 minutes before arriving at the Colle you have to pay attention because the path is steep.From Colle Salza, you go down following path 6b to Alpe Gabiet. Under the cable car take path 7a in the Moos valley and you will arrive in Staffal following, in the last part, the ski slope. Trip time: 7 hours
    3. Gressoney-La-Trinité – Bätt – Morgenrot – Gressoney-La-TrinitéStarting from the village of Gressoney-La-Trinité, following the promenade along the torrent, proceed for a couple of km to the plain of Batt, where, at the bottom, you cross the bridge over the Lys and follow the sign 9a until the Case Orsia. Just above it, cross the regional road. Go up following the ski slope to Morgenroht and descend along the old cobbled mule track until the hamlet of Orsia where you can see an old oven. Here you cross the regional road again and go down to the village in Gressoney-La-Trinité following path no. 15.   Trip time: 2 hours
    4. Gressoney-la-Trinité – Punta Jolanda – Gabiet – Nétschò – Gressoney -la-TrinitéStarting from Cappella dei Morti in the village of Gressoney-La-Trinité, heads north following path n° 15. Once in the hamlet of Orsia, cross the regional road and head to the hamlet Morgenrhot. Following the sign n ° 5a you will arrive at Punta Jolanda and there the path n ° 5 will bring you to the Gabiet lake. Coasting the left bank you will arrive at the house of the keepers of the lake. Go down into the Netscho valley following the sign n ° 4 , a very wide and panoramic valley that can be walked in a few hours until arriving again in the village of Gressoney-La-Trinité.                      Trip time: 6 hours
    5. Gressoney-La-Trinité – Spélmannschbéerg – Hoptié sup – Tschampònò – Biela – Gressoney-La-TrinitéStarting from the locality Edelboden inf. from the Walserschild restaurant following path 3 until you reach the white house called Spilmannsberg. The trail is initially very steep and the walk takes about an hour and a half. Continue on the path, which becomes less steep and crosses the mountain to the crossroads. Here take the path to the right in a southerly direction and cross the beautiful pasture of Hoptie until reach the Ciampono old houses, where the shepherds spend the summer. Descend following the sign 8 towards Gressoney-Saint-Jean on arrive in the little village of Biela. Follow finally path 15, which crosses the magnificent characteristic village Walser, until arriving again at Gressoney-La-Trinité. Journey time: 5h30
    6. Gressoney-La-Trinité – Sant’Anna – Staffal – Gressoney-La-TrinitéAt the end of the Colletsand car park, cross the bridge and continue towards Staffal by following the farm road along the Lys stream to the plains of Batt. Here along the path n ° 9 reach the chapel of Sant’Anna where we can enjoy a magnificent view of Monte Rosa. From there, crossing the pastures, one arrives at the cable car and following the farm road n.8 one goes down again towards Staffal. We head towards the cable car area to find the mule track that leads to the village of Biel. Continuing we arrive in Gressoney-La-Trinité. Trip time: 4 hours
    7. Gressoney-La-Trinité – Léckò Albezò – Gròss Albezò – Chemonal – Gressoney-La-TrinitéStarting from the village church of Gressoney-La-Trinité and following the W sign you reach the typical Walser village called Lecko Albezo. Afterwards you cross a large meadow until you cross the bridge over the stream and descend to the crossroads that indicates the village of Grosso Albezo, where the refuge of the same name is located, with a splendid view of the glacier and inserted in a beautiful village of Walser houses.By following path n ° 6 for a steep descent, you arrive at the village of Chemonal. From here head south until cross the regional road at a bridge over the Lys. Go up to the village of Rong and follow path n ° 15 to reach Gressoney-La-Trinité. Journey time: 4 hours
    8. Gressoney-La-Trinité – Schälbete – Bodma – Léckò Albezò – Gressoney-La-TrinitéStarting from the Chapel of the Dead, take the path that leads to Rothorn following the signpost n.10. Continue until you come out of the woods, about 1.30 hours of walking. Continuing 5 minutes out of the wood you will find a crossroads. Here you have to take the path to the left following the signpost n.10b and you will immediately find the Schelbete mountain pasture. From here you begin the descent to the beautiful Bodma mountain pasture, also called Belvedere for its wonderful view of the glacier. Continuing southwards and following before the 10b and after the n.10a you will arrive at the Walser village of Lecko Albezo. From here you return to Gressoney-La-Trinité following the path in the woods with trail marker W. Journey time: 4 hours
    9. Tour Gabiet lake from Punta Jolanda Taking advantage of the Punta Jolanda chairlift, take path 5b to reach Lake Gabiet with a panoramic and easy walk. Walk along the lake, pass under the dam and return to Punta Jolanda following the old Enel railway with trail marker n.5.Walk also suitable for families. Journey time: 3 hours