A journey through the flavors of Monte Rosa

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The culinary art of the valleys at the foot of Monte Rosa is typically mountainous with high-calorie products as tradition dictates.

Dishes such as polenta concia, topped with Fontina Dop or Toma di Gressoney cheese, lard with chestnuts in honey, Valdostan soup and the typical mocetta sausage are just a few of the offerings from our area that you will find in almost every restaurant.

For several years, mountain cuisine has rediscovered 0-km agri-food products, which are always highly appreciated for their intense flavors that bring to mind ancient scents and tastes of local tradition.

Best of Food

Typical cuisine of the Monterosa Valleys

Typical product-DECO

Typical products

The Deco
cucina tipica

Traditional Lys Valley Cuisine

The Fontina

Brusson: at the table with local specialties

Toma di Gressoney

Gressoney Toma Cheese

Rediscover the flavors of the Valley in a centuries-old tradition cheese
Dine at altitude in Alagna

Dine at altitude in Alagna

Heroic Vineyards

Heroic wines

Viticulture in the lower Lys Valley

Traditional dishes

  • Polenta condita con Fontina o Toma di Gressoney

    Polenta Concia

  • Zuppa alla Valdostana

    Zuppa alla Valdostana

  • Miacce of the Valsesia, speck and toma

    Miacce of the Valsesia

  • fromadzo

    Brusson Fromadzo

  • Chnéffléne

    Gressoney Chnéffléne

  •  Alagna savoury pie

    Alagna savoury pie

  • Mocetta typical cured meat of Monterosa


  • Pane nero

    Pane nero

  • Gressoney Toma

    Toma of Gressoney