The Monterosa Massif

Summertime in heart of the Alps

Monte Rosa


There is an enchanted place where the beauty of nature touches the heart of man and leaves it breathless. This place is the Monte Rosa massif, the second-highest peak in Europe. It rises majestically at the end of its valleys, dominating the horizon and representing a symbol of grandeur.

Four valleys in the shadow of Monte Rosa, three lying at its foot and one admiring it from further away, offer different perspectives for an evocative experience. In the Valle d'Aosta territory, they are Val d'Ayas, Gressoney Valley, and Champorcher Valley; in the Piemonte region, they are Valsesia.

The valleys are an enchantment, with their small villages hidden among the mountains, each with its own history and traditions. They are enchanted places where time seems to stand still. Here, nature reigns supreme, with its forests, green meadows, and the crystal-clear waters of streams flowing between the rocks.

The fresh and clean mountain air, the sound of the wind in the ridges, and the scent of wood and moss fill the environment: everything contributes to a magical and relaxing atmosphere. 

But it is Monte Rosa itself that is the protagonist of this natural spectacle. With its majesty, it invites us to look up and contemplate its timeless beauty. Its walls of rock and ice, its snow-covered peaks, are a unique sight that reminds us how small our presence on Earth is.

In this land of mountains and valleys, there are many things to do. Great space is devoted to mountain activities, time for relaxation, and delicious dates with good food.

In short, a vacation in these parts is bound to remain in the heart.

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