Monterosa Freeride Paradise

Are you ready for the next level?

Monterosa Freeride Paradise

The power of powder

“Freeride is going where no one has ever gone before, freeride is riding a wave that is different every moment and will never be the way you rode it again, freeride is going down into a wood deciding at the last moment the trajectory to follow , freeride is leaving a mark on an untouched snow slope which is the signature of who you really are”

Martino Colonna, Freeride, 2012

If hundreds of kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes of Monterosa Ski are no longer enough, you are ready to take it to the next level. It means pushing yourself higher, where human encounters become more rare, while the one with nature becomes more and more intense, where you are left alone with the mountain, the real one.

Imagine around you peaks that exceed 4.000 meters of altitude, the white of the glaciers as far as the eye can see, and a sky that breaks only when it meets the distant plain. Imagine starting your descent from here, drawing curves where no one has yet passed, lifting snow as soft as flour with the edges, looking at panoramas that only a few will be able to admire with you.

Because to tackle these thrilling descents, you need experience and expertise, the right equipment and a good deal of conscience. Going up is simple, and up to the 3.275 meters of Punta Indren you can do it with the ski lifts. This is exactly where the Monterosa Freeride Paradise begins! But the descent is anything but, and if you are missing some ingredients, an Alpine Guide is the right solution. Don't give up on exceeding your limits, but choose to do it in total safety!

Let yourself be guided by those who know these slopes and by those who are trained and prepared to approach freeride in a competent, beautiful and safe way. They are our Alpine Guides !

Salsa, Balma, Netscho, Lost Valley. These are names that you have certainly heard if you are in the trade or if your curiosity has already prompted you to discover this somewhat fantastic world. Everyone has a story to tell, made up of discoveries, first descents, detours, mythical characters.

If you're ready to take it to the next level, you're ready to discover it!


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