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Alpine skiing and snowboarding

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Alagna Ski & Snowboard School

The Alagna Valsesia Ski and Snowboard School is the place where you can learn to ski and spend time immersed in the natural environment of the mountains and in contact with the snow.

What can we offer you?

Snowboarding lessons

Young people are increasingly attracted to snowboarding. The board is a sensational tool for tackling the slopes; it gives a great feeling of freedom and lightness. At the Alagna Valsesia Ski and Snowboard School we have opened specific courses, taught by instructors with proven international experience in snowboarding. The experience level of those who enrol in our courses is not important, because the instructors are ready to welcome even those who have never set a foot on a board. We follow our students every step of the way in their experience on the board, from the first times they lace up to the most spectacular and complicated tricks. If we realise that the student is familiar with and has mastered the instrument, we are also ready to accompany him or her on off-piste freeride routes to give them a unique thrill.

Alpine Skiing Lessons

Alpine skiing is one of the oldest and noblest forms of skiing. In the Alagna Valsesia Ski and Snowboard School there are numerous instructors with international experience in the practice of alpine skiing, who guide students in the learning of basic techniques but also in the refinement of style. There are many skiers who choose to attend an intensive course at the Alagna Valsesia Ski and Snowboard School before an important competition, because the reputation of our instructors is so high that skiers often come from beyond the borders to have the opportunity of a lesson with us. The Monterosa ski area, then, completes the offer, because its slopes are numerous and all different, and this allows us to vary our lessons by offering different downhill courses each time, also in relation to the preparation and condition of the athletes. From basic technique to carving, at our Alagna Valsesia Ski and Snowboard School we teach our athletes in every aspect.

Free Style lessons

The Free style discipline can be understood as an acrobatic evolution of Alpine skiing. More and more young people come to the offices of the Alagna Valsesia Ski and Snowboard School asking about our free style courses. We would like to point out that although it is a discipline that can be practised by everyone, it is nevertheless important to have a good foundation in alpine skiing, because in addition to the most spectacular evolutions and tricks, it is necessary to have excellent familiarity with skis in all their aspects. Free style, in fact, does not only involve acrobatics but also pure technique. Our instructors are able to teach the first evolutions and tricks in a safe and protected environment, but as soon as the students prove to be proficient and adequately skilled, our instructors accompany them to the splendid Freerideparadise, an area of the resort entirely dedicated to the practice of Free style, where some of the most important and well-known Italian and international Free stylers also train. They take advantage of the beauty and technical perfection of this park for their training in preparation for competitions. In addition to group courses, the instructors also hold individual courses for specific refinement of technique.

Freeride lessons

Alagna Valsesia is the European freeride hub! They come from all over the world to experience the thrill of descending Monte Rosa on fresh snow, immersed in the silence of one of the world's most fascinating and breathtaking scenarios. Obviously, it is not a practice suitable for everyone; a great deal of experience, dynamism and confidence with skis are required: off-piste skiing must only be carried out in excellent weather conditions and only if properly equipped. Obviously, we always provide our members with the utmost support in their decision to go off-piste, and we also give those who request it the opportunity to take specific intensive lessons to refine this technique. Nothing must be left to chance in freeriding, and if you follow our instructions and suggestions for a descent in total safety and awareness, you can experience thrills, pure adrenalin coursing through your veins in a landscape the envy of the world. In addition, for our members we also provide a helicopter overflight service to identify the best areas in which to make the descent, those most unspoilt and far from civilisation, where you can be completely alone with the mountain. These are very powerful experiences that those who love skiing should try at least once in their lives.

Scuola di Sci & Snowboard Alagna

Scuola di Sci & Snowboard Alagna

Scuola di Sci & Snowboard Alagna

Scuola di Sci & Snowboard Alagna

Al Passo dei Salati

Al Passo dei Salati



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