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By: Monterosa Ski

Fun Slope Bettaforca Gressoney

Fun Slope Bettaforca

For all those who want to have fun on the slopes during the winter, Monterosa Ski has a destination not to be missed: the Fun Slope at Colle Bettaforca, a dynamic adventure on the snow that will make a smile appear, as if by magic, on everyone's face and which will definitely remain even after the holiday!

The slope can be reached with the Sant'Anna-Colle Betta or Bettaforca chairlifts and is located in the homonymous basin on the Gressoney side. The park offers the most intrepid skiers many more or less demanding obstacles and fun surprises on the snow: big waves, parabolic curves, tunnels, humps, depressions and snails.

The area was designed as an ideal variation from the normal descents on the slopes, a varied and never banal fun for adults and children! From the 2018/2019 season, the route has also been enriched with new components and lengthened for an even more fun adventure on the snow!

Curious to know what structures you will find on the track?

1 gallery with entrance
6 Ups & Downs
7 Parabolics
1 Snail with gallery
1 Depression with Up & Down

Curves and parables at Bettaforca

Curves and parables at Bettaforca

Gallery of the FunSlope Bettaforca

Gallery of the FunSlope Bettaforca

Monterosa Ski Fun Slopes

Monterosa Ski Fun Slopes

Fun Slope Alpe di Mera

There is no room for boredom at Alpe di Mera: an amazing mix of curves and games is the entertainment of all skiers!

Banks, bumps, spirals and tunnels are fun for young and old. The slope is suitable for everyone, thanks to the low difference in height and its structure, and can also be used by ski schools who will find the perfect area to offer truly creative lessons.

Reaching the Fun Slope Alpe di Mera is simple, it is located in the Campo area, right next to the Il Covo di Meraviglio playground, the Campo Bar Restaurant and the La Casera Bianca farmhouse. It runs parallel to the blue slope Campo and the ski lift that serves both will allow you to go over it and over again as many times as you want!

Impianti e piste all'Alpe di Mera

Discover Alpe di Mera

Alpe di Mera is the mountain that welcomes you. How? With simple slopes exposed to the sun, snow playgrounds, bobsled areas, snowshoe trails and shelters with a view of Monte Rosa. Discover the activities on the slopes and fun in the snow!

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