Alpe di Mera

On the slopes of Mera

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sulle piste di mera

A dream location for the whole family: Alpe di Mera

Alpe di Mera is a small ski resort in Valsesia with a fantastic view of Monte Rosa. It is located in a panoramic position at 1.500 meters above sea level, with excellent exposure to the sun.

A journey with your feet dangling on the red chairs

“I sat on the edge of my waist and with my feet dangling I looked at infinity while breathing in its perfume. CIT. Fabio Volo – The extra day

And this is precisely the feeling of freedom that you will have once you climb to the top after a scenic journey. Mera is pure magic, it is a small village capable of giving unique emotions. It can be accessed via the two-seater chairlift from the departure of the Scopello chairlifts, or with the four-seater Capricorno chairlift after traveling the road that leads to Alpe Trogo. This second access point allows skiers to get out of the car, put on boots and skis directly, and reach every place: ski schools, bars, refuges, restaurants, hotels, and shops.

The descents extend from the 1.700 meters of Cima Camparient down to the 600 meters of Scopello, and are designed on soft ridges that make the station suitable for everyone, from beginners to the most demanding, especially for families.

Ski slopes

The Blue slopes in Mera: Camparient Basso, Campo, Boschetto, Rientro Capricorno, Raccordo pianaccia e Pianaccia. They start in the Campo Skilift area and extend to the start of the Capricorno chairlift. They are easy slopes to follow even for beginners.

The red slopes are the majority, they are wide and served by the Capricorno, Camparient and Bimella chairlifts. A number of variants well known by fans of this resort are beaten if the season guarantees optimal snow conditions.

New for winter 2022-2023 will be the Funslope, a track with parabolics, bumps, snails and tunnels designed for the enjoyment of young and old! For the little ones there is one school area served by magic carpet, to learn snow sports with the help of the instructors.

A bobsleigh area and a playground complete Mera’s offer even for the smallest members of the family who still don’t ski, or for those who want to take a play break.


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